• Provide a monthly delivery of quality beef jerky to those who care about what they put in their body.
  • Promote support for local farmers and ranchers.
  • To inform individuals that not all jerky is created equal.
    These three things is what drives us

We, like you, love eating jerky! However, it can be hard sometimes to find a high quality jerky. Jerky you find at retail stores comes from factory farms from all over the world. Cattle are fed chemically enhanced corn and live in piles of dirt and injected with all different kinds of hormones and antibiotics. I'm sorry but that's just not the right way to raise an animal and we choose not to put that in our body!

My girlfriend and I are really into fitness, we like eating clean(Paleo) and we like traveling. The one issue we always ran up against is what to eat on the road. We would pack up some almonds and have to settle with whatever the local grocery store had for jerky (which wasn't very good).

We wanted a way to enjoy different types of jerky without all the extra additives. We wanted something that would fit into our paleo "diet", and we didn't want to pay so much for such poor quality. LOLJerky was born.

I started LOLJerky in October of 2014 and began seeking for purveyors of only the best jerky . We traveled, called and contacted various all natural farmers, ranchers and vendors from around the USA. We have personally tasted and hand selected over 50 different kinds of jerky (and counting more every week) and have narrowed it down to only the best. We love it and we think you will to.

In addition to delivering a quality product, we want to teach those who aren't aware that not all beef is the same and how important it is to support our local farms and ranches. With that, we will be donating a portion of every subscription to various charitable organizations such as Farm Aid and American Farmland and Trust (AFT). Such organizations are dedicated to helping out those who are struggling in keeping their family farm a float, protecting farmland keeping farmers on the land.

Well that's about it! We want you to enjoy a healthy snack no matter your motivation without spending a fortune. Sign up today and we promise you won't be disappointed. If you are, let us know and we'll refund you the money.

Eat healthy jerky and give back to the community. What more could you ask for!
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