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November 26, 2019


Need a Boost? Here Are 10 Pre-Workout Snacks to Get You Geared up to Sweat

Sometimes  conjuring up the necessary energy to hit the gym does come easy.  Discover here 10 pre-workout fitness snacks to get you geared up to  sweat. Targeted Keywords fitness snacks Body 

Should you eat before you exercise? And if so, what should you eat?

Figuring  out how to fuel your body takes some experimentation since everyone is a  little different. You might tolerate some foods better than others, or  your body may need more time to digest food before exercising. Ideally,  you want to eat 1 to 4 hours before exercising.

Fitness  snacks that are easy to digest can give you a little fuel shortly  before your workout. Before exercising, you want more carbs than  protein. The carbs are what give you energy during your workout.

Adding  protein into your snack helps support muscle recovery. Protein is  especially important in your pre workout snack if you're focusing on  building muscle.

Check out these 10 pre-exercise snack ideas to help power your workout.

1. Smoothie

Pump  up your pre workout with a fruit smoothie. The fruit provides  easy-to-digest simple carbs that provide lots of energy. Add some  protein to balance out the carbs. Sources of protein that work well in a  smoothie include yogurt, nut butter, and protein powder.

If you don't want to drink your snack, combine fruit and low-fat plain Greek yogurt. The Greek variety can have up to twice the protein of regular yogurt with a lot less sugar. That makes it a healthier way to get in some protein.

Adding  fruit to the yogurt adds carbs to the mix. You can also add some  granola for extra carbs. Look for natural sweetener options and check  the sugar content of the yogurt and granola to make sure you don't  overload.

2. Oatmeal

Oats slowly release carbs to give  you a steady stream of energy throughout your workout. The fiber content  helps with that slower release. That makes them a good choice if you're  planning a long workout where you'll need sustained energy.

Another  plus with oats is the natural vitamin B in them. That helps turn the  carbs into energy so your body can use them during the workout. 

Overnight  oats are an easy way to have pre workout snacks on hand all the time.  Mix together equal parts of oats and your favorite type of milk along  with fruit, sweeteners, and other mix-ins you want in the oatmeal. Put  it in the refrigerator overnight or for at least 5 hours, stir, and eat.

3. Toast

Start  with a piece of whole grain bread to load up on carbs with a piece of  toast. This option is a good pre workout breakfast if you're used to  eating toast in the morning.

Add a little extra on top of the  toast or on the side to round out the nutrients in this snack option. A  hard-boiled egg sliced and put on top gives you some protein. Low-fat  turkey is another option.

You can also add your favorite nut butter. Top it with a sliced banana for a little extra dose of carbs.

4. Jerky

Quality beef jerky  gives you a dose of lean protein before your workout. It can help  support muscle recovery if you're heading out for a muscle-building  workout. Pair it with a carb to give yourself the quick energy you need  throughout the workout.

5. Energy Bars

Pre-made bars are  quick and convenient when you don't want to spend much time on your pre  workout snack. Bars have a wide range of nutrients and significant  differences in fat, calories, and sugar. Read the labels to find an  option that's healthy and gives you the nutrients you need.

Look for bars with more carbs than protein to eat before your workout. A good range is 25 to 40 grams of carbs  with 10 grams of protein. Experiment with different bars to find one  that gives you good energy without feeling heavy in your stomach.

6. Fruit and Nut Butter

Fruit  and nut butter is a classic pair that works well before exercise. You  get easily digestible carbs from the fruit and protein from the nut  butter.

Bananas are a popular option because of the carb content. They also deliver potassium to your body, which helps with hydration and recovery. Smear a tablespoon or two of peanut butter on a banana for a quick, easy snack before exercising.

Apples  and peanut butter, almond butter, or another preferred nut butter also  work well. Apples contain fiber to help fill you up while powering your  workout.

7. Cheese

Cheese is a protein option that can  work on its own or when paired with carbs. String cheese is convenient  and pre-portioned, making it a favorite option. For a different version,  try a scoop of cottage cheese with some fruit for carbs.

8. Grilled Chicken and Veggies

Grab  some leftover chicken and veggies from last night's dinner for a quick  snack before you exercise. Sweet potatoes work well. The combination of  protein and carb gives you a good balance for your fitness snack.

Turkey  deli meat is an alternative if you don't have any chicken on hand. It  also delivers the protein and goes well with veggies or cheese.

9. Trail Mix

Whip  up a big batch of trail mix to keep on hand for a quick exercise snack.  Trail mix lets you customize what you eat to fit your taste  preferences.

Dried fruit is easy for your body to digest and  delivers simple carbs, so it's a good option to go in the trail mix.  Nuts add protein to your pre-exercise trail mix and boost the calorie  count, which helps when you're trying to build muscle.

10. Snack Plate

Not  sure what to eat? Try grabbing a few smaller portions of several of  these pre workout snack options. Think of it as an adult Lunchable that  fits your taste preferences.

This option works well because you  can customize it to your body. Every person is a little different in  what they prefer and how their body reacts to certain foods. By putting  together your own combination of foods, you can get the protein and  carbs you need in foods that are gentle on your stomach.

Stock Up on Fitness Snacks

What  are your favorite fitness snacks? Having go-to options for pre-workout  eating gives you the energy you need to sustain your workouts. Include a  mix of carbs and proteins before you head out for your workout to give  your body what it needs.

Is jerky one of your favorite pre or post workout snacks? Learn more about how our jerky subscription service works so you always have delicious, high-quality beef jerky on hand to fuel your workouts.

October 22, 2019

Post Workout-Protein, Anyone? How Beef Jerky Can Beef up Your Workout

Post-workout  protein is good for muscle recovery, and beef jerky is a fantastic  source. Find out why beef jerky should be a part of your fitness regime. Targeted Keywords post workout protein Body 

Americans spend billions of dollars on whey protein every year. 

If  you're one of them, it's time to start looking for an alternative. As  well as being expensive, supplements aren't the best way to get protein  into your diet. Instead, you should get your protein from real food  sources.

Eating beef jerky is a great way to do that.

In this post, we'll tell you why you should use it for your post-workout protein.

8 Reasons Why Beef Jerky Is a Great Source of Post-Workout Protein

Thought jerky was unhealthy? Think again! Here's why it makes a great post-gym snack.

1. It's Packed with Protein

In the first 30 minutes after a workout, it's crucial that you get the  protein you need. Otherwise, your hard work could go to waste, and  you'll fail to see results. You'll also be ravenous!

Keep a bag of jerky on hand to satisfy your cravings and fulfill your macros at the same time.

The  exact amount of protein you need will depends on your body weight as  well as your frequency and intensity of training. However, most people  need around 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of body weight every day. 

You can get 10-15g of protein in a single serving from beef jerky. That's more than enough for a quick snack.

2. It's Low in Calories

Some high-protein snacks come with a huge amount of calories. They're  marketed as healthy alternatives, but in reality, they're often  detrimental to your diet.

Protein shakes can contain up to 1,000 calories, and protein bars are usually loaded with sugar.

That's  why it's important to keep things simple. Beef jerky allows you to do  that. There's no huge list of ingredients to go through or complicated  nutritional information. Instead, it's all about the protein.

That  means you don't have to worry about extra calories. Jerky is made from  lean meat, so it won't disrupt your diet. It will simply give you the  nutrients and energy you need without acting as a meal replacement or  sugary snack.

3. You'll Get Extra Nutrients

As well as protein, beef jerky also gives you a good helping of micronutrients. It  contains iron, zinc, and B vitamins. You won't get those from a simple  whey protein shake!

4. Cut out the Carbs

Whether you're a  bodybuilder, an athlete, a fitness lover, or simply someone who's  trying to lose weight, you should try to reduce your carbohydrate  intake.

This will cause your body to use other energy sources so  you can start shredding fat and revealing lean muscle. That's why the  keto diet is so popular!

When you're trying to cut out the carbs,  you shouldn't reach for a protein bar after a workout. These seemingly  healthy snacks can be deceptively high in carbohydrates and sugar.

When  you opt for beef jerky instead, you don't have to worry about that.  With this kind of meat snack, you're getting pure protein with none of  the added extras. That way, you know exactly what you're putting into  your body.

5. It Also Contains Amino Acids

Amino acids  are often called the building blocks of protein, and it's important that  you get all of them in order to maximize your results.

No matter  how much protein you eat, you won't see any real gains unless you get  your amino acid intake right. Beef jerky can help you do that.

That's because it's a great source of Leucine. It promotes muscle synthesis, helping your muscles repair after exercise so you can recover faster, reduce soreness, and come back stronger.

Lots of people use expensive BCAA supplements to get their amino acids, but with a snack like beef jerky, you don't have to.

6. You Can Rehydrate with Electrolytes

After a long, hard workout, it's not just protein that you need to refuel.

You  also need to replace the salt and electrolytes you lose through sweat.  Otherwise, you can quickly become dehydrated and experience headaches,  cramps, or nausea.

Since beef jerky is cured, it makes a great  solution to this. Salt is used to draw out moisture from the meat during  production. It stays there until you eat it, giving you roughly 300 mg  of sodium in each serving. 

7. It's Compact

Lots of gym enthusiasts always keep a bottle of protein shake in their bag. 

While  this works, it's not ideal. Those bottles start to smell awful if you  don't rinse them out immediately, and it's far too easy to forget to do  that after a workout. Leave one in there overnight, and you'll get a  nasty surprise the next day.

Plus, they can easily open and spill out into your bag, covering all your gear and causing a huge mess.

Beef  jerky is a much easier and more convenient snack. It's small, compact,  and easy to throw in your gym bag. It often comes in resealable  packaging, so you don't have to worry about it falling out everywhere. 

Since  it's cured, it preserves well and can be left in your bag or locker  with no issues. If you forget about it for a little while, don't worry.  It will still be good to eat next time!

8. It Tastes Great

Say goodbye to bland, chalky protein shakes. Getting your post-workout protein doesn't have to be so unpleasant!

Beef jerky tastes great. Best of all, it comes in a huge range of flavors,  so you'll never get bored. There's jalapeno, sweet BBQ, smoked, Cajun,  garlic and black pepper, spicy habanero, and many more! You can mix it  up with a different flavor after each workout.

Get Your Jerky Today

Now that you know why you should be using jerky for your post-workout protein, the next step is to find the right one for you!

There  are hundreds of different brands out there, all with different flavors,  types, and nutritional content. At LOL Jerky, we can help you try them  all!

Our subscription program brings you a box of the best American-made jerky every month. 

Find out how it works to get started. 

September 25, 2019

The 10 Best Gifts for the Outdoorsman in Your Life

Looking for some ideas for the perfect gifts for the outdoorsman or woman in your life? We've got you covered! 

Did you know that around 7 in 10 Americans don't like buying gifts?

One major reason why tons of people get nervous about shopping for others is because they're not sure what to get.

Are you trying to brainstorm different gift ideas that'll wow any man who loves the great outdoors? Keep reading to learn about 10 of the best  gifts for the outdoors man in your life.

1. A Jerky Subscription Box

One of the best gifts for outdoors men is a jerky subscription box.  Jerky is the perfect outdoor snack because it's lightweight, packed  with protein, and doesn't require refrigeration. Since every outdoors man works up quite the appetite, you can't go wrong with this  gift.

The beauty of buying a subscription service is he can  always have a steady supply of snacks year-round. Nothing would make  your loved one feel more appreciated than a gift that keeps on giving.

2. A Portable Hammock

A  portable hammock is a great gift for outdoors men because it gives them  the chance to stop and rest almost anywhere. Since they're lightweight  and easy to hang, your loved one should have no problem using it.  Hammocks are the perfect place to nap, enjoy the sights, read, and so  much more.

3. Smartwool Hiking Socks

Although there are  tons of different hiking socks on the market, none of them can compare  to Smartwool. If your outdoors man doesn't have this brand yet, you can  help protect his feet much better with these tough but cozy socks.  Smartwool socks provide comfortable cushioning, fight against blister  formation, wick sweat away, and provide the perfect insulation all day  and night.

4. A Lightweight Grill/Stove

If your loved  one is suffering by eating dehydrated meals, you can make his mealtimes  gourmet with a lightweight grill/stove hybrid. Coleman's propane  grill/stove is so compact that he can prepare hot, fresh food anywhere  in no time. Once he uses this gift, he'll never go back to dehydrated  meals or cooking over a campfire.

If you want to make this gift even better, you could also include a camping cookbook that he can use for inspiration.

5. A Rambler Cup

Since  finding access to electricity outdoors is tricky, your loved one will  appreciate any gifts that can bring him the comforts of home wherever he  goes. YETI Rambler cups are useful gifts because they can keep cold  beverages cold and hot beverages hot for as long as possible without the  use of electricity.

Whether you buy a mug, bottle, or rambler,  your outdoors man is sure to get good use out of your gift. Nothing beats  the taste of hot coffee in the morning and cold beer after a long day.

6. A Durable Fire Starter

Every skilled outdoors man knows how to start a fire without any tools, but  sometimes it's nice to have a convenient fire starter. This tool can  also be a lifesaver if the wood is damp or if there are any  other conditions that make starting a fire challenging.

With so  many high-tech fire starters out there, you won't have trouble finding a  reliable one. Some important features to look out for are waterproof  materials and a durable design that can take years of regular use.

7. A Folding Knife

Sometimes,  the best gift ideas for an outdoors man are the simplest. Sharp knives  are always good to have on hand because they can be used for all kinds  of tasks. Two added benefits of having a folding knife are it's more  compact and safer to carry.

Whether he's going fishing, cooking  some dinner, or constructing something, he'll be able to depend on his  knife to help him get the job done right.

8. A BioLite SunLight

Every  outdoors man probably has an endless supply of flashlights to take  on each camping trip. Although flashlights are handy tools, batteries  can be a hassle. This is why a BioLite SunLight is an incredible gift  for an outdoorsy guy.

Not only do these devices have a super long  battery life of up to 50 hours, but they can also charge in sunlight  within 7 hours. They also come with a USB charger that can restore the  battery within 2 hours if it's cloudy outside. Since the devices  also include a built-in clip and kickstand, he can bring his light  anywhere he goes with ease.

9. A Portable French Press

One  of the most unique gifts for an outdoors man is a portable French press.  Certain brands like Stanley create a compact thermos that can cook,  boil, and brew, all in one place. If you buy one that's made out of  stainless steel, you can give your outdoors man the gift of caffeine for  life.

10. A Reliable Backpack

Backpacks are the heart of  any outdoor adventure. The best backpacks are lightweight, durable,  spacious, and comfortable to wear. If you can help your outdoors man upgrade to a luxury backpack, he'll be able to enjoy all of his trips to  the fullest.

If you have a big budget, backpacks can also be a  fun way to store other smaller gifts. Instead of wrapping up a gift  basket, you can create the ultimate gift backpack.

The Best Gifts for the Outdoors man Are Thoughtful and Practical

With these 10 gifts for the outdoors man, you should have no trouble shopping for your loved one.

Are  you interested in buying the best jerky subscription box in America? If  so, LOLJerky would love to help fuel the outdoor fun. Check out our services to learn why our jerky is the tastiest gift that keeps on giving.

August 29, 2019

15 Easy Paleo Snacks That Taste Great and Leave You Satisfied

Trying  to eat clean on the paleo diet and need some ideas for snacks? We  listed fifteen easy paleo snacks that taste great and sate your hunger. 

Who  would have ever imagined the idea of eating like a caveman would again  return to popularity. The paleo diet encourages eating much like the  cavemen once did. 

The goal is to eliminate refined foods and  foods that are heavy in processing. Eliminate sugars and carbohydrates.  Instead focus on meats, fresh fruits, vegetables, some nuts, and seeds.

While planning paleo meals is one thing, finding satisfying snacks might be a challenge. 

If you are eating following the paleo diet, try one of the easy paleo snacks. They are sure to satisfy!

1. Fresh Whole Fruit

Want to eat like they did when cavemen roamed the Earth? What's more like that than eating a whole piece of fresh fruit?

Apples,  pears, oranges, and bananas are great whole fruit choices for the paleo  diet. This paleo on-the-go snack offers high fiber and natural plant  proteins. The plant proteins are a natural anti-inflammatory. 

2. Almonds

Almonds are another paleo protein snack. This portable snack can be eaten plain, smoked, or with some savory spices. 

Consider  taking plain almonds, tossing them with some olive oil, and then mixing  them with a teaspoon of some of your favorite spices. You could try  seasonings like garlic powder, onion powder, dried dill, dried chives,  or dried parsley.

Bake them at 330 degrees for 20-25 minutes and then enjoy!

3. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky carries  a high protein punch. It's also naturally low in carbohydrates. Let's  face it, this is the premise of the paleo diet, how the cavemen ate. 

Beef  jerky is also the perfect snack food. It is portable and easy to have  with you on the go. You don't have to worry about it getting bruised,  smashed, or spoiling like some other paleo snack foods. 

4. Apple+Cashew Butter

It's the paleo version of the PB&J reimagined. 

Apples  offer a plethora of health benefits like antioxidants, including  chlorogenic acid, quercetin, catechins, and phloridzin. These are  natural fighters against heart disease, some cancers, and other chronic  health conditions. 

How can they be even better? By slicing the  apple in rounds and smearing them cashew butter. Peanuts ( and therefore  peanut butter) are paleo no-nos. But cashews make a delicious  substitution spread inside the apples for a sandwich-like snack.

5. Brussels Sprout Chips

All  those little leaves on the brussels sprouts get crispy when roasted.  Take whole or halved brussels sprouts and drizzle generously with olive  oil and salt and pepper. The key to the chips is the hot oven. Roast at 400 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. 

Some recipes suggest sprinkling with parmesan cheese, but of course, this is a no-go with paleo as no dairy is allowed. 

6. Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries

It's hard to make sweet potato fries better. But it's true what they say, everything's better with bacon.

Start  by cutting the sweet potato into french fry-like wedges. Then wrap each  fry with bacon and place on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with pepper and  chili powder.

Bake at 400 degrees for 33 to 35 minutes. Try to  wait until they cool some before digging into the perfect combination of  sweet and salty. 

7. Guacamole

The avocado is the perfect food with healthy fats. It can only get better when used to create guacamole

To  make your own guac, smash soft avocados with a fork. Consider adding  diced tomatoes, jalapenos and green onions. Squeeze a fresh lemon or  lime over the avocado and add diced cilantro, salt, and pepper. 

8. Carrot Fries

Potatoes  are controversial in the paleo diet world. Some argue they come from  the Earth. Yet they are heavy in carbohydrates that get left behind with  the paleo diet. 

No need to feel like you can never have a fry again. Enter the carrot fries. The key to the perfect carrot fry is baking them long enough to get them crispy.

9. Hard-Boiled Eggs

This  is another perfect portable paleo snack. Eggs are rich in antioxidants  and they also have protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Boil  up a batch of hard-boiled eggs and keep them for snacks during the  week. Peel and sprinkle with salt and pepper. You can also pair them  with fresh veggies for a high protein snack and still get some crunch in  your diet. 

10. Cauliflower Popcorn

The paleo diet may have you missing your favorite movie theater snack, but corn is considered a no-no in the paleo world. 

Consider  replacing it with cauliflower. Cut the cauliflower into small bite-size  pieces and roast in a hot oven for 30 minutes. You want the cauliflower  to get crispy. 

Then sprinkle it with onion powder, salt, and pepper for your movie theater paleo snack. 

11. Cashew Hummus

While the normal beans hummus is made from are another paleo no-no. They cashew saves the day again. 

Consider  making cashew hummus. It gets creamy and smooth like the traditional  garbanzo bean hummus, but is paleo-approved. Serve this with slices of  fresh veggies for a perfect paleo swap out. 

12. Prosciutto Wrapped Melon

This  is another perfect sweet and salty combination snack. Take wedges of  cantaloupe and then wrap those with the thinly sliced (salty)  prosciutto. 

Prosciutto is a slice of Italian meat which is  reminiscent of salty bacon. This is a lovely combination that also  appears on high-end hors d'oeuvre menus.

13. Tuna Salad On Cucumber Chips

This  another perfect paleo appetizer for parties and snacking. Make tuna  salad using paleo-friendly mayonnaise. Add whatever finely diced  vegetables you like in your tuna salad. 

Then slice cucumbers in thick rounds and then top the cucumber rounds with a heaping tablespoon of the tuna salad. 

Another fun alternative for a more flavorful punch is the replace the cucumber with pickle slices. 

14. Paleo-Friendly Granola

Many  granolas, while they might seem okay on the surface, are not at all  paleo-friendly. Often granolas contain peanuts and they also often  contain sugar-rich dried fruits and chocolate. 

Try making your  own paleo version with walnuts, cashews, almonds, and sugar-free dried  banana chips. If you crave the sweet, then you can also add in carob  chips.

15. Pumpkin And Sunflower Seeds

These two are considered power seeds. Much like the almond they have rich nutritional value and are easy to grab and go. 

Buy the sunflower seed already shucked from its shells. Both seeds are rich in fiber, omega-3’s, and iron. 

Try These Easy Paleo Snacks

The  paleo diet requires some planning but there is an abundance of snack  choices that are not only healthy but they are tasty too. Try one of  the easy paleo snacks to satisfy your snacking needs. 

Learn more about the paleo diet on our blog. To get more information on our beef jerky product line, connect with us here

August 3, 2019


It seems as though these days everyone you meet has either tried or is currently on what is popularly known as the keto diet.

While the keto diet was originally intended not for weight loss but as a way to help reduce juvenile seizures and those suffering from epilepsy,  this fascinating lifestyle trend has gone on to help thousands of  individuals reach their weight loss goal in record time without having  to sacrifice some of their favorite foods. Many even have a chance to  enjoy new favorites like keto jerky.

When trying the keto diet for the first time, you'll find that half  the battle of reaching and staying in the state of ketosis is the amount  of fat that enters your body. Often, those on ketosis use frequent  snacking as a way to achieve this. 

Here we will be discussing some of our favorite ketosis snacks and  why we feel that keto jerky is the instant trick to help your body get  into fat-burning ketosis.  

What is the Keto diet?

Before diving into what makes the perfect keto snack, it's important  to have a clear understanding of what the ketogenic diet is and the  biological reasons behind its seemingly instantaneous weight loss  benefits.

The keto diet, in its simplest form, can be explained as a  high-fat/low-carb diet that also includes moderate amounts of protein.  Often those on the keto diet will be sure to track their macros ( the  exact percentages of fats, carbs, and proteins taken in on a daily  basis) through carb tracking app or device.

As a result, food such as fatty meats, full-fat dairy, and plant-based fats are often utilized within a ketosis diet.

Is Keto Right for Everyone?

There's a good reason why keto is one of the most popular diet trends  currently out there. After all, what other diet allows you to regularly  eat bacon and cream cheese and still fit into your skinny jeans? 

However, it's important to know what causes you to gain weight in the  first place. If your weight gain is a direct result of sugar or  carbohydrate addiction you may have a more difficult time following Keto  than those who simply love some good cheese.

Still, if you're like most you'll find that trading in your bowl of  carbonara for jalapeno poppers dramatically surpasses a kale salad any  day.

The keto diet is also great for those who enjoy a more active  lifestyle and nature. This is due to the fact that many keto snacks are  easy to take on the go whether you're fishing or hunting.

Tips to Help Enter and Stay in Ketosis

To initially start your keto diet you must first begin with entering  ketosis. Ketosis is a natural state within the body in which your body  uses fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. This is because your body  enters a point where it's so starved of carbohydrates that fat is the  only available source of energy.

So, how do you enter ketosis and more importantly how do you stay in  ketosis? You start by dramatically reducing your carbohydrate count and  increasing your fat counts, one way many individuals accomplish this is  by creating “fat bombs”.

Fat bombs are high-fat snacks that can easily be squeezed into your  day even when you don't have much of an appetite. Fat bombs also include  snacks like cream cheese bites, baked bacon, and our personal favorite  Keto beef jerky.  

Since jerky most commonly uses the fattiest portion of the animal,  these sticks offer nothing but pure fat and protein to help get your day  going.

They're also incredibly portable, ensuring that you always have a keto-friendly option available no matter where you go. 

What to Look for in Your Keto Jerky 

It's important to remember that not all jerkies are created equal.  Make an effort to look for jerky brands that use high-quality meat that  is as close to organic as possible.

You also want to pay attention to the curing process. Don't be  afraid of jerky options that are high in sodium, as an increase in salt  can help reduce many of the symptoms commonly associated with the “ keto flu”. 

It's also important to look a jerky option that isn't too high in  sugar. Many commercial brands with flavors like Teriyaki tend to pack on  look sugar. Which is far from keto-friendly and will actually work  against your efforts to lose weight.

If you can find a brand that's intentionally created to be  keto-friendly then you're one step closer to a fulfilling keto snack you  can enjoy anytime.

Fun Ways to Use Keto Jerky

While keto jerky works great on its own (and even makes a great gift), there are some fun and creative ways to incorporate keto jerky into your keto diet.

For example, instead of dipping slices of bread or breadsticks into a  delicious cream dip try your keto jerky instead. Keto jerky is also a  great substitute for high carb salad croutons and can be diced up and  incorporated into a number of keto-friendly recipes to help up your fat  count.

Where to Find the Best Keto Jerky

If you're like most people, one of the greatest challenges of  sticking to a diet is having the time to prepare the food you want to  enjoy on a daily basis. However, with our services, you can now have  boxes of Keto jerky delivered to you to save time while helping you adhere to your new lifestyle.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the  various flavors we currently offer to help satisfy your next snack  attack.  

July 3, 2019

Not only is beef jerky delicious, it's high in health benefits as well!  Learn all about the many health benefits of eating beef jerky in this  article.

What would you eat when on the road, at work, or working out and desire a nutritious meat snack?

When  looking for healthy meat food or snack, consider grabbing beef jerky as  it contains sufficient health benefits that can fuel the body for  energy intensive and rigorous work. The benefits of eating beef jerky  are founded on it being a healthy snack among people engaging in energy  consuming works for decades.

Meat lovers rejoice because our brand is introducing innovative and nutritious dehydrated meat snacks

Jerky does not require refrigeration hence a convenient snack for all. You can even have it shipped to wherever you are.

Benefits of Eating Beef Jerky 

Beef  jerky in its natural form is a nutritious meat product and a suitable  replacement for non-carbohydrate diets. It is a great replacement for  sugar added protein bars.

Not only is beef jerky delicious, but it is also high in health benefits as well!

1.    High Energy Snack

Whenever  you feel like taking a healthy snack, consider taking beef jerky. In  ancient days, people who engaged in manual labor and energy consuming  tasks consumed beef jerky of its ability to provide sufficient energy to  fuel the body for the rigorous daily tasks.

The high beef  nutrition contains fewer calories yet fills up consumers, enabling the  body to burn down fats. As such, it is suitable for people who wish to  lose weight.

2.    Low in carbohydrates

Beef jerky has a  low carbohydrate content of 3.12 grams, 0.5 grams of fiber, and 2.55  grams of sugar. It is, therefore, one of the most nutritional low- carb  snacks. During preparation, most of the moisture and fat is removed, and  the final content is around 97% fat-free. Hence beef jerky nutrition  contains around 15 grams of protein per serving, making it an ideal  source of viable nutrients.

3.    Convenient Snack

Have  you ever felt hungry and desired a quick healthy beef snack? Well, most  meat products require time-consuming cooking before consumption.  Therefore, while on the move or at work, grab some beef jerky as it can  be consumed from anywhere.

 Beef jerky is a popular snack among  bodybuilders, hikers, and people engaging in strenuous activities as it  provides high energy and body building proteins. If you are always on  the move, consider taking jerky as a healthy alternative to fast finger  foods.

4.    Rich in Proteins

One of the major benefits  of beef jerky is its high protein content. Each ounce of beef jerky  contains around 10 grams of protein. It is advisable for men to consume  around 56 grams of protein and women 46 grams.

Although  some people believe that it is loaded with preservatives, this is not  the case. Beef nutrition contains a high protein content that does not  induce insulin production, which triggers the body to store fat.

The  protein in beef jerky breaks down into amino acids, which the body uses  to build enzymes and tissues that are essential for body functions. The  high protein level reduces hunger and appetite while increasing muscle  strength. As a result, jerky beef lowers blood pressure, does not harm  the kidneys, and enables the body to lose weight through increased fat  burning and metabolism.

5.     Immune Boosting Zinc and Iron

Iron  has a significant role in the synthesis of red blood cells, while zinc  facilitates quick healing of body wounds. One ounce of beef jerky  contains 2.3 milligrams of zinc, which is sufficient according to the  recommended daily intake.

 A similar serving contains 1.5  milligrams of iron, which meets the daily goal intake for women aged  between 19 and 50 years. Beef nutrition provides an adequate dose of  zinc and iron, which are essential in boosting body immunity.

6.    Fats and Calories

Are  you aware that your body requires fats to support brain health and  reduce inflammation? Beef nutrition contains 7 grams of fat whereby 3.1  grams of the total is saturated fat and 116 calories per serving.

Similarly,  beef jerky contains healthy mono-saturated fat, which is good for the  heart. The sufficient content of saturated fat enhances the cholesterol  levels in the body, therefore, reducing the chances of developing type 2  diabetes.

7.    Longevity

Healthy foods like fruits and  vegetables have a short shelf life than processed meals. This hinders  many people from buying and storing healthy food.

However, beef  jerky is naturally preserved to last longer than other meat products.  This makes it a good healthy food for a different situation due to its  ability to last long. Moreover, after opening, it can be repackaged for  later use, hence enhancing its economic value to consumers.

To Enjoy the Benefits of Beef Jerky

  • Consider those with a thick packaging, as black pepper jerky tends to puncture the bags easily.
  • Check ingredients to ensure that the brand you choose does not have unhealthy preservatives like mono-sodium glutamate
  • Opt for low sodium jerky as it is more nutritious than other versions
  • Check  packaging size and evaluate if the brand is packed in ounces or serving  sizes to ensure you have an accurate calculation of daily-recommended  nutritional intake.
  • Look out for jerky that has small amounts of saturated fats.
  • Should not have sugar, soy, antibiotics, or hormone additions.
  • Choose local organic or grass-fed options.

When  purchasing jerky, most people do not stop to check if they have made  the right choice. However, when appropriately chosen, beef jerky is a  delicious and healthy source of nutrients. As a result, it is a great  food to consume when you want to stay energized while on the move.

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