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It’s not easy to find America’s best jerky. With supermarkets and retailers carrying the same old mass corporate brands for decades, it seems like you have to go out of your way to find the craft and independent American brands. You could spend hours just searching for great American jerky. That’s why we created LOLJerky, to help research and curate the best monthly craft beef jerky subscription and brand discovery box where we deliver America’s best craft beef jerky directly to you. Save time, save money and get the highest quality jerky.  

We research the industry and have direct contacts with hundreds of suppliers and brands so each month we curate the best beef jerky box at an affordable price. 

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Why We Do What We Do!

About Our Subscription Boxes

Quality! The issue with everything today is the lack of quality. By partnering with various local farms we get the best Jerky out there at the best price. At LOLjerky we choose quality over quantity.

Monthly Subscriptions! You choose how many bags you want to receive a month and leave the rest to us. Just look for the LOLjerky bag in the mail every month!

We support Local farms! We no longer want to put mass produced junk in our bodies.


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